From 1 January 2009, under the dlg. 188/08, is compulsory in Italy and start a systematic collection for recycling of spent batteries and accumulators.

The application in its entirety, of Legislative Decree No 188, dated November 20, 2008, is considered very desirable data on the use of power devices in question. Each year, in fact, the EU, could be marketed around 190,000 tonnes of industrial batteries and 160,000 batteries pocket piombosi not both, going to flank to about 800,000 tonnes of car batteries (ie those that use lead ).

Obviously there will still wait because the system would be operational, but a common sentiment bodes well, interest in our health and the planet.

Thanks to all those who cooperate. It goes without saying that the commitment of everyone, users, manufacturers of tools and appliances, battery will pay off.


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